How to shop on Ebay Online Shopping

Many hear of online shopping sites like ebay , Flipkart , Shopclues etc.. but many will not be knowing how to do safe online shopping. Here are some tips.


1) Check out the reviews and price of same in other sites.

2) Once you click on product you want to buy,  just on right top to see the seller name and its rating

3) Better not to do trading whose rating is less (less than 90%) Lesser the rating more the risk

4) Click on reviews about seller and the products sold. Check if your product has been reviewed.

5) Make sure on Shipping address . You can add or change shipping address before paying amount

6) Don’t forget to leave feedback but make sure test product for 2 weeks then only put reviews

7) Use discount coupon of Debit cards or offer bank cards to enjoy discounts.

8) Always check if products will be delivered to your town or city where you stay, but   inserting pin code.

Its better to go to showroom  directly to shop high priced items (Gems, Refrigerator etc) . Rest can be shopped online like cloths , Mobiles, Pen drive or other items

Here is the link shown how to check seller info before purchasing..Ebay buy details


Online MBA

Online MBA course

There are many Online MBA courses available in India. But we need to be careful on fees and quality  of education they provide.The things one should analyze are

1) Most of the online MBA sites have affiliated with UGC Granted University. They play has intermediaries. Means the syllabus will be same as University, The method of exam will be same as University, as University  people value your answer paper only internals and online classroom  training from Intermediaries.

2) Get info on what kind of online classes are they providing, who is the faculty , are they of TOP B Schools or not, If faculty is good even not from B Schools etc. How to find it is to ask the counselor who is advising for the course. See sample video before joining. Sure they will provide Online video how the teaching is provided.

3) Decide, do you really in need of Online MBA?. Because you need computer, you need current facility (which is a big issue in our country) Need good Desktop or Laptop.

4) Should be ready to study sitting in-front of monitor continuously for 4 hours or more in exam time. Daily 2 hours of study.

5) High Internet Speed. Need minimum of  3G speed else very difficulty to play videos.

Cost of Current and Internet should be analyzed while analyzing the cost of course.Its good for those who can’t schedule their time for contact classes and for those who stay in places where no good coaching is facilitated. Those who staying in small town like me sure enjoy these online MBA because of Top coaching from Good Faculty which is not possible to get in small towns.

I will discuss only about the online course i know about

1)Karnataka State Open University Online MBA

This university provides good education of MBA online. Their videos are great to learn. But i don’t know how good the faculty support them. Go with the trial provided in site to know how they teach. They are not affiliated to any university as University itself is running this program. Online exam will be there, so it is different from Writing exam in distance learning. Fees is high.

2) 361dm (Three Sixty One Degree Mind) Affiliated with Annamalai University or ICFAI 

Online MBA from 361dm which is affiliated with different universities, depending on different courses

I am doing Online MBA  through this. I tell you, its great opportunity for those who want to learn on their flexible time.Once you register you will get login id and password. As you go to class room in colleges here also around 40 rooms will be there to complete the syllabus. It only leaves to enter to 2nd room after completion of 1 room. This makes you to complete syllabus as soon as possible.You surely enjoy online videos and conferences  in online sessions. The direct discussion with Top employees of Top companies will surely give you immense knowledge on the topic going through.I love the youtube links which helps to know the chapter better. Summanth Sai  and Ritu are best faculty to explain the chapters.

Its only hard work that can give you good marks in exam. If you choose Annamalai University then , there will be 24 chapters in each subject. There will be hardly 20 questions asked and in that we need to answer 11 . So its better to understand and learn all the chapters and appear for exam. If you do so you earn knowledge (For which we are doing MBA) and secondly  good marks in MBA. Its better than Offline MBA from Annalmalai as 361dm only take initiative from admission to exams and till we get through our course. So no tension , just a mail or call, your all queries answered.

Education Reviews in India

Hi Friends,

This post is all about the distance education in India. Usually employees or the students who are willing to do distance education might be confused on which correspondence course they need to go with. Here are some info on what i know and what i did before choosing correspondence course.

Before choosing institution or university of correspondence course please do check if it is DEC approved.

Go the directory or contact them if you have doubt on the university approval. If its not approved by DEC there are chances that your course might not be considered for NET exams or for  some government jobs .

Go to Recognition expired link in DEC website to check on current status.

Check if approved by  AICTE

Its not necessary that it should be approved by AICTE but it should approved by DEC.

Go the about pages of the university you want to go for correspondence course and check if they have mentioned anything about the DEC and AICTE approval.

Now list of Universities providing Distance education ( Which i feel a good one in South India)

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi

This is the top best university to do any distance course. 1st thing is genuine university, best support from faculty as contact classes will be there which we need to attend compulsory.   Many  ways of contacting faculty like Teleconferencing, Radio Counseling, Audio-video Programme etc..

No doubt you would love to do course here. Attendance is compulsory here. Study material is good.

You need to write a entrance exam for qualifying for MBA correspondence course.

  1. Karnataka State Open University 

This is very famous and TOP university in South.  1000 of students are doing Single or Dual specialization course here. Good support from faculty.Fees is high compare to IGNOU. Same as IGNOU entrance exam for MBA. Attendance is compulsory here. Study material is good. Best thing is Dual Specialization for some courses. They even have online MBA will discuss on this in later part.

  1. Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok

This is good university  . High fees compare to others. Personal care will be taken. Difficult compare to above course ware to pass. Free tablet ( Apple ipad 2 for year 2013)  will be provided not sure on quality. They have placement drive to encourage students to get job. Put need to put good efforts.

4.Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune

Very good for MBA.  Very difficult to pass and need to put much effort to pass. Cost is also OK , as value of courses passed from here have huge value. Books will be provided need to study and get through.

5.Annamalai University, Annamalainagar

Good for those who are not depending on MBA to get job. Course-ware is good and hug but less support from University. (Things will be different if you chose Online courses) so good for those who can go and visit the university or study center.  But you get thousand of courses to chose.

Hope this is only university which is providing Yearly once exam kind of courses, else all will be of semester kind. Fees is very less compare to any other university. Lakh of students doing different courses here. Good for Professionals who just want a Certificate to get promotions. After annual exams you get your results very late.(May exam-September result). The new update is that its been taken by Tamil Government so lets hope the things changes and students benefit from this. Hope for Good..


I heard its good university. But for me it came out not too good. I left course CFA in-between as no support from them. Simply sending huge books and every 3 months exam is of no use. There is a positive thing that , its  not compulsory to attend exam every 3 months. After writing exam you can expect results shortly within a month. Syllabus is dam difficult compare to rest university, on top of that,  we get  totally confused on what to study and what not to. The exam will be of objective type. If you want good knowledge and you yourself want to put all efforts then sure go for it. Cost is also high for courses. Lot of issues with this university.   Not sure where actually this university belong to , Tripura or Sikkim. Now they have stopped issuing CFA certificate as per court orders. Its better to choose American real CFA even the fees is high. Rest of courses are fine here. But please see any support is there or not.

7.IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute, Ghaziabad

8.University of Mumbai, Mumbai

9.Dr B R Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad

10.Bangalore University  Karnataka

11.Anna University Chennai

12. Kuvempu University Distance Education

I have not mentioned anything on many of the university as i have just heard that they are good in terms of syllabus and many students pass out from those university. As soon i get info will update. There are many more good university to do Distance course. Please go through DEC site  and then start collecting info on value of course and their support while doing that course. You can also try searching in Google site like Reviews on xxx university or complaints on xxx university.

Take the things serious and move ahead. Distance only means flexibility to learn not a short cut to gain Certificate.

You can check fake universities here UGC list of Fake Universities

Please do comment on the Distance education you are doing and reviews on the same.


Free Search Engine Submission

Best astrology Sites

I was searching a lot to get astrology sites to know about my future. I just share my experience here how i traveled with different astrology sites and finally got the best astrologer site which made my life.

Try astrology if you are 100% SURE ON YOUR BIRTH DETAILS.

 What is astrology?

Astrology is study of planets and its position. Astrology exist in olden days. It has scientific reason to do any remedy. We lost to know what is that reason and simply started to follow the things in wrong way. How magic is science, same way Astrology is also science. Astrology is a mixture of maths and science. There were great Indian astrologers like Arya Bhatta, Varaha Mihir, Jamini and Parashar.

There are different kind of Astrology method like Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Nadi Astrology, Face reading and Numerology. Even Prashan astrology exist where we ask question and the answer with the said number conclude on the question.

Where to get best free astrology?

This is the question in 95% of people. But let me tell you, This free sites doesn’t give accurate results. So don’t take tension if some negative points given in horoscope.

Below are the sites for free Personalized Predictions

1) Orkut

Login to Orkut go to  Indian Astrology Community

There are many astrology post , so find the active post and ask your free queries.

For me it never worked (there predictions were always wrong). Heard,  for some of my friends it worked out. Try your Luck.

2) Free Site My Astrology Signs

This site is nice and 60% works if answered by top astrologers. And Top astrologers answers very rarely. But  seriously a free best site to post without any login. We can just post as GUEST. (I love this).

3) Omgan

Ask your free question and get answered. Not sure about the remedy as i have not tried.

4) Free Astrology

The free best site which appeared to be true up to 75% for me.


 Vikas Goyal Astrology Forum

5) Prasnajothidam

Go only with free astrology. They predicted my job properly . Went with paid astrology but was not much use. But u can try.

 6) Kagabujandar Nadi

 Dip your thumb in ink, paste in on white paper and send the scan copy to the details mentioned. Trust me you get 85% accurate answer. but you can ask only one question. So be wise.

To get free Astrological Signs

Below are the site to have free charts

1) Scientific Astrology site

2) Astrobix

3) Astro Sage:

Astro sage is good in terms of detail study of planetary postion and its effects.

4) Vedic Astrology

5) Free Kundli

If nothing free works out go for paid astrology.

 I don’t want to  simply say best site as i don’t want others experience to be mentioned here. I recommend only on my own experience.

I was going through bad period. Later in linkedin i saw best comments on astrologer. I thought of asking some there , they gave very positive comments. Analyzed on some things there . As it was comment from linkedin members and not the comments on site  , i had full trust. Finally i tried and trust me it was best decision.

Prashanthji suggested me a gem therapy. The Natural gem was so strong and beautiful , that it solved all my problems like court cases etc in very short time say weeks. There remedy is different to all depending on their birth details. As they are good in medical astrology there is logic behind the remedies provided which is a plus point. Seriously a best deal and MORE than 100% satisfied. You can try.

Trust in god and the remedy will sure get you out of problems.

One thing confirmed The astrology can’t predict future in detail  in all fields, but sure can give suggestion to current problems. The remedy method may be different.

If everything is known then Kya Maza Zindagi Mei.

Before deciding go through the points mentioned , analyze yourself and take decision. You are the best person to help yourself.

Any good astrology sites or free sites with personalized astrology predictions and worked out for you please mention.

Astrology is not wrong but half knowledge astrologers are wrong.

If interested view my other post on Gem therapy and Lal Kitab.

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