Education Reviews in India

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This post is all about the distance education in India. Usually employees or the students who are willing to do distance education might be confused on which correspondence course they need to go with. Here are some info on what i know and what i did before choosing correspondence course.

Before choosing institution or university of correspondence course please do check if it is DEC approved.

Go the directory or contact them if you have doubt on the university approval. If its not approved by DEC there are chances that your course might not be considered for NET exams or for  some government jobs .

Go to Recognition expired link in DEC website to check on current status.

Check if approved by  AICTE

Its not necessary that it should be approved by AICTE but it should approved by DEC.

Go the about pages of the university you want to go for correspondence course and check if they have mentioned anything about the DEC and AICTE approval.

Now list of Universities providing Distance education ( Which i feel a good one in South India)

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi

This is the top best university to do any distance course. 1st thing is genuine university, best support from faculty as contact classes will be there which we need to attend compulsory.   Many  ways of contacting faculty like Teleconferencing, Radio Counseling, Audio-video Programme etc..

No doubt you would love to do course here. Attendance is compulsory here. Study material is good.

You need to write a entrance exam for qualifying for MBA correspondence course.

  1. Karnataka State Open University 

This is very famous and TOP university in South.  1000 of students are doing Single or Dual specialization course here. Good support from faculty.Fees is high compare to IGNOU. Same as IGNOU entrance exam for MBA. Attendance is compulsory here. Study material is good. Best thing is Dual Specialization for some courses. They even have online MBA will discuss on this in later part.

  1. Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok

This is good university  . High fees compare to others. Personal care will be taken. Difficult compare to above course ware to pass. Free tablet ( Apple ipad 2 for year 2013)  will be provided not sure on quality. They have placement drive to encourage students to get job. Put need to put good efforts.

4.Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune

Very good for MBA.  Very difficult to pass and need to put much effort to pass. Cost is also OK , as value of courses passed from here have huge value. Books will be provided need to study and get through.

5.Annamalai University, Annamalainagar

Good for those who are not depending on MBA to get job. Course-ware is good and hug but less support from University. (Things will be different if you chose Online courses) so good for those who can go and visit the university or study center.  But you get thousand of courses to chose.

Hope this is only university which is providing Yearly once exam kind of courses, else all will be of semester kind. Fees is very less compare to any other university. Lakh of students doing different courses here. Good for Professionals who just want a Certificate to get promotions. After annual exams you get your results very late.(May exam-September result). The new update is that its been taken by Tamil Government so lets hope the things changes and students benefit from this. Hope for Good..


I heard its good university. But for me it came out not too good. I left course CFA in-between as no support from them. Simply sending huge books and every 3 months exam is of no use. There is a positive thing that , its  not compulsory to attend exam every 3 months. After writing exam you can expect results shortly within a month. Syllabus is dam difficult compare to rest university, on top of that,  we get  totally confused on what to study and what not to. The exam will be of objective type. If you want good knowledge and you yourself want to put all efforts then sure go for it. Cost is also high for courses. Lot of issues with this university.   Not sure where actually this university belong to , Tripura or Sikkim. Now they have stopped issuing CFA certificate as per court orders. Its better to choose American real CFA even the fees is high. Rest of courses are fine here. But please see any support is there or not.

7.IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute, Ghaziabad

8.University of Mumbai, Mumbai

9.Dr B R Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad

10.Bangalore University  Karnataka

11.Anna University Chennai

12. Kuvempu University Distance Education

I have not mentioned anything on many of the university as i have just heard that they are good in terms of syllabus and many students pass out from those university. As soon i get info will update. There are many more good university to do Distance course. Please go through DEC site  and then start collecting info on value of course and their support while doing that course. You can also try searching in Google site like Reviews on xxx university or complaints on xxx university.

Take the things serious and move ahead. Distance only means flexibility to learn not a short cut to gain Certificate.

You can check fake universities here UGC list of Fake Universities

Please do comment on the Distance education you are doing and reviews on the same.


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  1. spoojary says:

    Somebudy told in kuvempu university distance education exam how much you write also they are not giving proper marks is that true or not?

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