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Online MBA course

There are many Online MBA courses available in India. But we need to be careful on fees and quality  of education they provide.The things one should analyze are

1) Most of the online MBA sites have affiliated with UGC Granted University. They play has intermediaries. Means the syllabus will be same as University, The method of exam will be same as University, as University  people value your answer paper only internals and online classroom  training from Intermediaries.

2) Get info on what kind of online classes are they providing, who is the faculty , are they of TOP B Schools or not, If faculty is good even not from B Schools etc. How to find it is to ask the counselor who is advising for the course. See sample video before joining. Sure they will provide Online video how the teaching is provided.

3) Decide, do you really in need of Online MBA?. Because you need computer, you need current facility (which is a big issue in our country) Need good Desktop or Laptop.

4) Should be ready to study sitting in-front of monitor continuously for 4 hours or more in exam time. Daily 2 hours of study.

5) High Internet Speed. Need minimum of  3G speed else very difficulty to play videos.

Cost of Current and Internet should be analyzed while analyzing the cost of course.Its good for those who can’t schedule their time for contact classes and for those who stay in places where no good coaching is facilitated. Those who staying in small town like me sure enjoy these online MBA because of Top coaching from Good Faculty which is not possible to get in small towns.

I will discuss only about the online course i know about

1)Karnataka State Open University Online MBA

This university provides good education of MBA online. Their videos are great to learn. But i don’t know how good the faculty support them. Go with the trial provided in site to know how they teach. They are not affiliated to any university as University itself is running this program. Online exam will be there, so it is different from Writing exam in distance learning. Fees is high.

2) 361dm (Three Sixty One Degree Mind) Affiliated with Annamalai University or ICFAI 

Online MBA from 361dm which is affiliated with different universities, depending on different courses

I am doing Online MBA  through this. I tell you, its great opportunity for those who want to learn on their flexible time.Once you register you will get login id and password. As you go to class room in colleges here also around 40 rooms will be there to complete the syllabus. It only leaves to enter to 2nd room after completion of 1 room. This makes you to complete syllabus as soon as possible.You surely enjoy online videos and conferences  in online sessions. The direct discussion with Top employees of Top companies will surely give you immense knowledge on the topic going through.I love the youtube links which helps to know the chapter better. Summanth Sai  and Ritu are best faculty to explain the chapters.

Its only hard work that can give you good marks in exam. If you choose Annamalai University then , there will be 24 chapters in each subject. There will be hardly 20 questions asked and in that we need to answer 11 . So its better to understand and learn all the chapters and appear for exam. If you do so you earn knowledge (For which we are doing MBA) and secondly  good marks in MBA. Its better than Offline MBA from Annalmalai as 361dm only take initiative from admission to exams and till we get through our course. So no tension , just a mail or call, your all queries answered.

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